Custom Online Registration

We can customize the look and feel your registration page with your organization's website so the registration process is visually seamless.

TimeYourRace creates registration pages that are tailored exactly to your race needs. We can model the look and feel of the page after your organization's website, or we have templates available. Highlights of our online registration include:

Secure payment
Payment processing through Paypal is secure, accepts all major credit cards and has industry-leading low fees.

Quick register option
Returning racers select their name from a dropdown list and skip re-typing their basic contact information.

Multiple race
Athletes can register and pay for multiple races for themselves or other athletes at one time.

Mail-in payments
Mail-in payment option allows promoters to distribute vouchers or coupons to be mailed in. Athlete registration is confirmed when vouchers are received.

Discount codes
Create discount codes that are valid globally, for certain races or for certain categories.

Customized reporting
Race promoter portal contains reports that can be customized upon request.

Staff support
Once you approve the registration page and it goes live, our staff is available to athletes to troubleshoot technical problems.