Timing System

Wholesale RFID chips
Because we built our own system, we buy our RFID chips at wholesale prices and we pass the savings on to our clients.

Disposable and reusable
We've used tens of thousands of disposable chips over the years, and we also have reusable chips for triathlons, mud runs, etc.

Various antenna options
We can use mats or aerial antennas, depending on what type of race we're timing.

Speed check TM
Racers in a series can roll across a timing mat, pay for the race, and instantly be registered.

Mobile timing points
Our mobile timing points are self-contained, self-powered, and can be set-up anywhere -- at the water's edge, on an enduro course, or any other remote spot.

When you build it yourself, you're beholden to no one

Because we built our timing system ourselves, we can make changes and improvements when needed, and we aren't committed to buying our RFID chips at mark-up prices. This allows us to add features based on client feedback, and helps us keep costs down.

Series calculations, lap counts, bandit capturing... we do it all.

Over the years we've designed complex series scoring options, and developed ways to score people based on lap counts combined with overall times. We can also filter out certain types of racers, whether they be athletes who are warming up on the racetrack, or bandits who have not paid the race entry fee.

Scoring Software

Unlimited flexibility
There is no limit to the number of series, races, racers, classes, etc that our software can handle.

Series calculations
Calculate series points based on numeric values or percentage points (for running series).

Varied race starts
Supports assigned start times, class waves, or actual starts when athletes pass over the mats.

Fixed points or laps
Accommodates fixed timing points such as triathlons (Swim, T1, Bike, T2, Run) or multiple laps for MTB / Cyclocross.

Class filters
Scores only racers who are currently racing, and filters out other racers who may be on course warming up.

Bandit racers
If a racer did not register for a race, his/her times are captured and stored separately until their registration has been paid.

LIVE results
Results are posted online during the race and are optimized to be viewed on smartphones. Available via QR codes.